Online sites to view Honeymoon vacations

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We've booked a trip to Tahiti and Australia through Costco Travel - for the 14 day trip and the itinerary, though it was a very good deal for the money we paid. Costco Travel is great but is very limited in world-wide locations!

As for other trips, which can be honeymoon trips as well, we used Affordable Tours for Italy - although I think we booked with Gate1Travel Operator. This was a good tour overall but least favorite of my trips (probably because of the weather and not the tour itself, although the people within the tour were an older crowd).

It seems like there isn't a difference in price between Affordable Tours and the tour operators themselves (Cosmos, Trafalgar, Gate1, Globus, etc). So perhaps one can go to the individual operators themselves (Cosmos, etc..) to book.

We loved FriendlyPlanet - which we booked for Egypt and Jordan - I'd recommend this one. The tour guides were super friendly and down to earth. The pyramids were visually amazing - The Treasury and Dead Sea were great to visit in Jordan as well! On the tour, we became good friends with a few people and now we chat and meet up with them pretty often (one friend lives close to our area).

There's also TravelZoo for good deals.